I’m going through a chain phase – don’t seem to be able to stop making them!

I’ve been experimenting with different materials – niobium and titanium, both of which are very light and neither of which tarnish.

Titanium wire has the added advantage of being inexpensive and readily available, whereas the niobium costs a little more than silver and is quite difficult to source.

Pentagon / Bar Chain in Titanium


Niobium Pentagonal Chain

It’s hard to see in the photos, but the titanium is less shiny, more grey than silver and has a hint of yellowness, whereas the niobium is a darker grey – reminds me of silver treated with liver of sulphur.

First attempt at sgraffito

I’ve been playing at torch firing enamel too.  This is my first attempt at sgraffito – which wasn’t really worthy of turning into a necklace – but it would have sat on the bench for ever otherwise and it doesn’t take very long to make up a few copper links.


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