English Oak Wood Necklace

My sister snaffled the Jungle Berry Necklace – so I’ve made one inspired by the English Oak in sterling, mookaite and chalcopyrite – I didn’t intentionally go for the autumnal colours – but they’re all in there – which makes me feel a little sad…


English Oak Necklace

I’ve tumble polished and patinated this one with Liver of Sulphur.  Here’s what it looked like before tumbling and patinating:


And this is it covered in Liver of Sulphur – before being put back into the tumbler to polish it off the raised areas to give it a bit more ‘visual depth’:


I’d never heard of chalcopyrite before (the green beads) – but apparently it’s the rock most of our copper comes from.


Jungle Berry Necklace

I’ve shaken off the muted greens with some ‘happy’ coloured beads and tropical leaves:


I’ve never tried wearing liver-of-sulphured copper. Wonder if my neck will still go green?